Our Videos
There are 18 episodes designed to be watched in order

We invite you to look at our videos to explain an alternative view to what you may be watching on the mainstream news.

We present to you eighteen videos totalling seven and a half hours of evidence and alternative news. Feel free to binge through them all at once or watch one (or a few) each day.

The videos are laid out a bit like an historical court case presenting you with evidence from some of the worlds leading doctors, immunologists, virologists, biologists, and real investigative journalists.

We think it may help you to imagine you have been in a coma since January 2020 and have just woken up to a completely different world. So switch off your TV, avoid all news including local radio until you have watched all the main 18 videos.

All the videos are designed to be watched in order from 1 to 18 otherwise key points will be missed.

Watch every video with an open mind and remind yourself that you are a sovereign individual and you and you alone are the judge.

We sincerely hope we help to open your eyes to what is really going on.

The Eyes Wide Open Team

1 - Welcome Back
2 - How The World Works
3 - Kochs Postulates
4 - Exosomes
5 - Gain of Function
6 - Fake Projections
7 - Masks
8 - The Vaccine
9 - The Cure is here
10 - The Selfishness Trick
11 - The NHS Religion
12 - Divide and Conquer
13 - Let's Look at Vaccines
14 - Depopulation Agenda
15 - Multi Prong Attack Agenda
16 - Lockstep Real Deadly Virus
17 - Resources and Going Forward
18 - The Answer

After you have:

  • Watched all our 18 videos on Eyes Wide Open

  • The resource videos

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